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I am open to contract, temporary or full-time.

Hello, Welcome and refresh this page repeatedly!

My name is Raymond Rhys Heredia (call me Rhys). I am a Front-End Web Developer. I have been a Front End Web Developer for about 11 years or so. I have worked for many different kinds of companies ranging from large to small and in varying industries.

First off, I couldn't decide on a design theme for these pages, so decided to randomize them. If you refresh, this page's theme will randomly alternate between about 50+ different themes with different colors and image combinations (but the text stays the same).


This is a proof of concept and I can't afford to buy all these images so I am using the ones with watermarks. It still gets the job done, while sticking it to "the man." Check out my résumé.


This site is intended to share everything about myself personally and professionally. I am self-managing my blog through standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There is no CMS.

I'm Not Much of a Designer...But I am a good developer

My skills are quite vast. I enjoy working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in all their forms. I experiment a lot with them and try to have a little fun. I also have some experience with User Experience design as it applies to desktop and mobile web applications, but I wouldn't call myself a designer. I'm the kind of developer that would work with a good designer and help bring their designs to a clickable prototype. I really enjoy translating their visions. I have to play to my strengths.